Future of EU-LATAM collaboration on HPC

The project RISC2 aims to strengthen collaboration between Latin America and the European Union in High-Performance Computing (HPC). One of the project’s main goals is to raise awareness among policymakers about the potential of international collaboration in HPC to tackle global challenges, such as climate change, health threats, and energy transition, and promote the exchange of best practices between research communities in both regions. Throughout the project lifecycle, the RISC2 Consortium has participated in policy dialogues, supported international training events, established an HPC Observatory and produced up-to-date reports that describe the HPC ecosystem in Latin America. The RISC2 partners are organizing an event in Brussels on 18 July 2023 to present these results to policymakers and foster a conversation about the roadmap for future bi-regional collaboration in the field of HPC.

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Jul 18 2023


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